Let Texans Decide


Houston News: Louisiana & Oklahoma Thankful for Texas Money and Jobs

It’s safe to say that Oklahoma and Louisiana have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.  My Fox Houston posted a story and news cast saying how busloads of Texans travel each day across state borders to visit entertainment and gaming venues in neighboring states.

“I think it’s a great shame that we have to get all this money over to Louisiana.  You know, revenue that could come into Texas.  When you get there, 85 percent of the people are from Houston,” said Alan Goldstein, a Houstonian boarding Louisiana-bound transportation.

Norris Patterson drives three hour to Louisiana for gaming and says it’s contradictory for a state that thrives on personal liberty to keep casinos out. “Bring it to Texas. Allow Texans to do what they want to do.”

Mr. Goldstein and Mr. Patterson are correct.  Texans are spending billions of dollars in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico at gaming venues, supporting neighboring states’ jobs and economies. It just takes one look at the map of casinos in neighboring states to see how Texas is getting fleeced.  It’s time to bring that money home.

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