Let Texans Decide


Nalle: Let Texans Decide on Gambling

The San Antonio Express-News has just posted an op-ed by David Nalle, national chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus and communications director for the Travis County Republican Party, on Friday that highlights some key points when it comes to putting the issue of expanded in front of  Texas voters.  Mr. Nalle’s op-ed comes at the issue with a “freedom and liberty” message.  We couldn’t agree more:

-  “[Texans] spend a lot of money on entertainment, and if what we want isn’t available here in Texas, we’re willing to travel to get it. With our relatively strong economy, our prosperity spills over into neighboring states, and we don’t spend that money grudgingly, even if we’d rather spend it closer to home.”

-  “Yet when it comes to gaming, that free choice had been denied again and again in Texas. Government has reluctantly allowed us the choice of the terrible odds of a lottery, on which it profits, and the very limited opportunities offered by gambling on dog and horse races. They tell us where we can spend our money, what we can spend it on, and which select groups are allowed to benefit from it.”

-  “Texans are the ones who will pay the costs and reap the benefits of legalized gaming. It’s clear that Texans are already engaged in the gaming industry, so why not let them be the ones to decide if we allow an expansion of the industry and what form it should take?”

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