Let Texans Decide


Tell Your Legislators on Twitter to Allow Texans to Decide on Gaming

Now that session has geared up, we encourage you to respectfully (no yelling, please!) tell your legislator it’s time to put expanded gaming on the ballot.  Not sure who represents you? Click here to enter your address or zip code and find out!

You can find your legislator on Twitter and get some ideas on fact-based tweets below.  Share your tweets with your legislators today and follow Let Texans Decide!

-  We’re being outsmarted.  Texans spend 2.5 billion every year on gaming in border states. http://ow.ly/h4493

-  With higher purses in other states with gaming, many horse breeders are forced to leave Texas. http://ow.ly/h49nO

-  Neighboring states added casino style gaming and Texas tracks can’t compete. It’s time for a change. http://ow.ly/h45H

-  Support for expanded gaming in Texas is support for more jobs in Texas. http://ow.ly/hcEt5

-  Let’s re-capture the money Texans are spending at just-across-the border casinos. $2.5 billion. http://ow.ly/hcEKl