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Let Texans Decide is a coalition of state business leaders, horsemen, community organizations, and Texas citizens who are fed up with watching $4.37 billion leave our border annually to Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico.  We are tired of the political wrangling in Austin that has stopped Texans from deciding once and for all the fate of casino-style gaming in our state.

It’s high time to urge our legislature to present the public with a sensible gaming proposal to vote on that stops the fleecing of Texas by Oklahoma and other neighboring states. Polls show that Texans across the political spectrum want the right to vote on this issue, and frankly, we think our citizens are smart enough to make this decision for the great State of Texas.


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Why do tribes in Oklahoma contribute to Texas gubernatorial campaigns?  Why do gambling interests like Tilman Fertita and Las Vegas Sands contribute to a known

Sep 04, 2014