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Racing Industry Impacts

The racing industry has been a significant part of Texas culture for decades.  Industries such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and veterinarian care are all necessary contributors to the Texas racing industry’s success and contribute billions to the economy.

As racing becomes more profitable in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana, Texas businesses serving the racing industry are feeling the negative impacts and being forced to relocate to other, more profitable states.

Texans have been breeding horses and greyhounds for racing purposes for years. For many, this has become a way of life.  With higher purses in surrounding states, many breeders are being forced to leave Texas and move their livelihoods elsewhere.

Texas must save this suffering industry that has become a way of life for many Texans and remains a historical part of state culture.  To learn more about the Texas racing industry, please visit Texas Horsemen’s Partnership and Texas Greyhound Association.

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