Let Texans Decide


Oklahoma Horse Industry Growing Steadily While Texas’ Is in Trouble

A new study shows that Oklahoma’s horse industry is growing and has had an economic impact of $3.6 billion in 2012.  Meanwhile, the Texas horse industry is in deep trouble.

At its peak, there were 4,000 registered foals in the state, estimates say there are roughly 300 in 2013.  Texas’ horse industry has had:

  • 57% drop in the number of Thoroughbred stallions since 2001
  • 68% drop in the total number of mares bred since 2001
  • 59% drop in the number of registered foals since 2001
  • 33% drop in the number of Quarter Horse stallions since 2005
  • 29% drop in the number of Quarter Horse broodmares from 2005 to 2007
  • 26% drop in the number of accredited Quarter Horses since 2005


If the state considers expanding gaming and allows Texas voters to decide at the polls, we can reinvigorate this dying industry and rectify its healthy, competitive state.