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Let Texans Decide is focused on urging the state legislature to provide our citizens with an opportunity to vote on a sensible casino-style gaming plan for Texas.  We are frustrated that billions of Texans’ dollars – $1 billion to Oklahoma alone each year – are creating jobs and paying for healthcare, schools, and more in Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  Texas breeders, trainers, and horsemen are also forced to leave Texas to work and race in our neighboring states for bigger purses.  Simply put, Sooners and the rest have been fleecing Texans for many years. It’s embarrassing and it needs to stop.

We are leading the fight to reverse this disturbing trend.  It is time for our legislature to approach gaming as it is: an industry just like oil and gas, telecommunications, aeronautics, and so on.  Track owners, horsemen, and casino companies have invested significantly in Texas and want to put their money to work here without government hand-outs or tax breaks – just like all the other industries that drive “open for business” stakes into Texas soil.

Our mission is to press our state leaders to pass legislation outlining a responsible, conservative plan for gaming and provide citizens the opportunity to vote on where Texas dollars get spent.  It is a fundamental right to Let Texans Decide.

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Oklahoma Horse Industry Growing Steadily While Texas’ Is in Trouble

A new study shows that Oklahoma’s horse industry is growing and has had an economic impact of $3.6 billion in 2012.  Meanwhile, the Texas horse

Nov 22, 2013
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