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Hey Legislature, Transportation Money Found! Let Texans Decide on Expanded Gaming Today!

This week, Governor Rick Perry added funding for transportation to the special session docket. “As we enjoy the benefits of a booming economy, we have to build and maintain the roads to ensure we sustain both our economic success and our quality of life,” said Governor Perry.

Good news! We have found the legislature’s solution for funding transportation: gaming revenues! Contact your legislator today and encourage him/her to support putting gaming on the ballot so Texas can fund its transportation needs. It’s time to let Texans decide on gaming.

Not sure who represents you? Find out here. Ready to contact your legislator? Send them a letter. Read more about how gaming can help solve Texas’ budget issues in our press release:



June 12, 2013

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Transportation Money Found! Letting Texans Decide on Gambling Will Bring in Billions of Dollars


AUSTIN –  Let Texans Decide announced today the finding of a previously untapped pot of money to quickly address the Governor’s special session transportation funding request.  LTD Chairman and former state senator John Montford pointed out the economic boon awaiting Texas if Texans are given the opportunity to vote on whether to keep gaming dollars in Texas.

“Ironically, about $4.5 billion a year leaves Texas via the very roads the legislature is looking to pay for,” said Senator Montford.  “If the Legislature put the choice to voters we could pay for these roads, create tens of thousands of jobs and spur economic growth almost overnight.”

Recent polls show that around 80% of voters want the right to vote on expanded gambling.  Over the regular session the issue saw unprecedented collaboration between stakeholders and legislators.

Let Texans Decide urges the Texas legislature to consider gaming as a long term funding solution that won’t raise taxes or fees and will recapture more than $4 billion that Texans are spending at gaming facilities in our neighbor states each year.  It has the potential to bring $1 billion a year in new revenue for the state without a tax increase.

“We are literally giving money away to our neighbors while we wring our hands here at home about rainy days and how to pay for roads and other infrastructure needs,” said Montford. “We give millions in tax incentives for endeavors that produce far fewer jobs. Under any number of different gaming proposals, we could create billions in economic development, bring in tens of thousands of jobs, and help meet Texas transportation and many other needs.”